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Fernando Oliveira
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Supermercado dos Badejos

Name Dive Site:Supermercado dos Badejos
Depth: 16-35m (52-114ft)
Visibility: 10-25m (32-82ft)
Accessibility: Boat
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Comb Groupers Supermarket!This dive site is located at the East coast of Santa Maria Island. This dive site presents normally strong currents which together with the depth make this dive suitable only for experienced divers. The descending is done by the anchor line to the top of the platform at 16m depth, going then to the deepest part along the wall where the current is weaker and the dive became more relaxed.  As the name suggests, the main attraction of this dive are the comb groupers . The deeper the diver goes the bigger the number of comb groupers that can became countless. Some barred hog fish can be spotted among  the comb groupers. The common fauna of Azorean waters such as parrot fish, groupers, breams, rainbow wrasses, ornate wrasses, and damselfish, can also be observed. The ascending to surface is done by the anchor line and very often accompanied by schools of barracudas.

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